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Clevedon Funeral Services understand the importance of planning your funeral in advance. For this reason, we offer a range of funeral plans Clevedon, that we can talk you through. Funeral Plans offer you the opportunity to plan ahead by arranging and paying for your own funeral in advance. Many people are choosing to purchase a prepaid funeral plan as it provides peace of mind that funeral arrangements and costs have been taken care of in advance of your death.

In addition, it will save you from the worry of becoming a financial burden at the time of your passing, meaning family will not suffer further distress when you die. A pre-paid funeral plan lets you take control of your final moments while saving your family from the worry of having to pay for your funeral.

Why Invest in a Prepaid Funeral Plan?

There are many benefits to taking out a pre-paid funeral plan. They include:

  • Fixing the cost of your funeral to today’s prices
  • Protecting against rising funeral costs
  • Sparing family members from the financial burden of your funeral costs
  • Saving family from the distress of having to arrange your funeral for you
  • Having control over your own funeral arrangements
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Golden Leaves Funeral Plans

We specialise in Golden Leaves Funeral Plans. There are many plans available to suit all budgets and requirements. Plans are available from the age of 50. The plans include both low-cost funeral plans and premium plans.  Every Golden Leaves funeral plan bought through us guarantees our services.

Low Cost Funeral Plans

Our low-cost funeral plans from Golden Leaves allow you the freedom of planning a simple low-cost funeral that can be paid in advance by one lump sum or in fixed monthly payments. Prices start from just £3,174.00. We do also offer a pay monthly option.

Standard and Premium Funeral Plans

Our Standard and Premium plans are perfect for those who wish to make their funeral a special occasion. With prices starting from just £3,174.00 (or via monthly payments) these plans offer excellent value for money. The Standard and Premium plans include the provision of limousines, pallbearers and floral tributes and quality coffins.

Compare Plans

We understand that deciding on how your funeral will take place involves a lot of factors for consideration. Compare the plans in the tables below.

The funeral director’s services
included within your plan:
FROM £3,469FROM £3,849FROM £4,169
Funeral Directors professional services
Advice on registration , documentation and certification
Local removal from place of death to funeral director’s premises within 25 milesNormal working hours24 hours24 hours
Care of deceased prior funeral
Use of Chapel of Rest for visits by family and friends
The Coffin typeBasic CoffinStandard CoffinHigh Quality Coffin
Attendance of conductor and four bearers on day of funeral
Provision of hearse and limousine for service at Crematorium/CemeteryHearse direct to crematoriumHearse and one limousineHearse and two limousines
Full listing of floral tributes
Thank you cards
A list provided to the family of mourners who sent flowers
24-hour funeral director telephone support for the bereaved
Professionally drafted willOptionalOptional Optional
Bereavement counselling (where available)
Ministers Fees
Doctors Fees
Crematorium/ Cemetery fees
Local church feesAvailable at extra costAvailable at extra cost

**The figure shown is a contribution towards the total Disbursement costs – there may be regional variations. The sum paid towards the disbursements are guaranteed to increase in line with the RPI (Retail Price Index), applied once the plan is fully paid and on an annual basis and may require additional payment from your estate/executor at the time of the funeral. If you opt to fully guarantee these disbursements there will be an additional charge. This option only applies to fully paid plans.

Green Funeral Plans

Green funerals are becoming a popular choice as people wish their final moments to have minimal impact on the environment. We offer Golden Leaves Green Funeral Plans which are perfect for the environmentally conscious. Plans include The Glade Plan, The Meadow Plan and The Woodland Plan and prices start from just £50.14 for a 60-month payment plan.

Contact Clevedon Funeral Services

For more information about our funeral plans Clevedon please contact a member of the team. We can explain each plan in detail to help you make an informed decision. Call us on 01275 341478.

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