Memorials Clevedon

If you require memorials in Clevedon or the surrounding areas, we can arrange this service for you. Every memorial is created in-house, and we can craft the perfect memorial stone to suit your needs. From understated headstones to larger bespoke designs, we can arrange for your memorial to be commissioned on your behalf.


We understand that choosing a headstone is a personal consideration. Headstones are a lasting memorial to a person’s life, therefore, it is important to choose the design, material, letter styling and finishes to meet your needs. Our stonemasons can work with you to create the perfect memorial.

Design Options

Our gravestones are available in a diverse range of options to suit your needs. Options include a choice of marble, limestone, sandstone and dark and light granite. You can also pick the inscription lettering of your choice and will have the freedom to choose additional options such as photograph plaques and flower holders.

funeral headstones

Churchyard Memorials

Churchyard memorial stones are regulated by the area’s local Church of England Diocesan. As a result, the memorial must adhere to rules to ensure it is permissible. For example, some churchyards will not allow red granite stone and the inscription must be approved by the vicar. Our stonemasons can advise on the materials and designs permitted to ensure your choices fulfil these particular requirements.

Cemetery Memorials

Cemetery memorials are not subject to the same strict guidelines as churchyard memorials, however, there may be certain restrictions related to size, height and design. Again, our experienced stonemasons can talk you through all the options and help you design a beautiful memorial.

Cremation Memorials

As well as arranging gravestones, we can also arrange for beautiful cremation memorials. There is a range of options available including bespoke plaques and cremation memorial stones. Cremation memorial stones are smaller than gravestones and are intended to mark the place where the ashes were scattered.

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